Plymouth Foam Announces Airehide® Technology

In our ongoing commitment to driving innovation and technology for our customers in our industry we are pleased to announce Airehide®.


The Airehide® Experience includes a wide range of design, application and manufacturing opportunities for use in multiple industries including (but not limited to) food and beverage, food service, pharmaceutical, tools, appliance, transportation and consumer products.


Airehide® includes polymer materials that are expanded in an inert gas, batch expansion process and are molded using a compression, steam-chest molding process.  The materials are recyclable (can be re-molded, re-melted, re-processed), meet RoHS and End-Of-Life requirements, and have no CFC’s, HCFC’s, or VOC’s emitted in the manufacturing process.


Airehide® polymer material blends include, but are not limited to expanded versions of:


We look forward to providing new and innovative solutions for your product needs with our Airehide® technology as well as our Airpop® EPS products.

Contact us at for any questions or a proposal!

Doreen Lettau
Vice President – Market & Business Development
Plymouth Foam, LLC
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