Plymouth Foam 3D Printing Technology Unveiled at Foam EXPO – North America

Plymouth Foam recently attended the Foam EXPO – North America in Novi, MI. While in attendance as an exhibitor, we were able to share exciting news about 3D printing technology in our industry. Please continue reading for more information.

We have been in business for over 40 years specializing in Airpop® (EPS) and added capabilities in Airehide® (EPP, EPE, ETPU and other materials).  The engineering, design and creativity of Plymouth Foam continues to support our mission of “creating the confidence to do what we can’t.”  Our focus includes products in the Food Service, Pharmaceutical, Recreational Vehicles, OEM, Building & Construction markets.

We are excited to announce that we now use 3D printer technology to accelerate our time to market.  Every product we make has a “test and validation” component to the process that takes time. We use 3D printed tool technology to reduce that time to market testing phase while still allowing for production quality samples. 

Future plans for using 3D tooling technology includes short run prototypes, pre-production qualification, and continued validation in life of molds adding low volume parts to molding.

By using the 3D printer technology we help our customers get ahead of their competition with speed to market.  For Plymouth Foam it means faster sales cycles to production business close and delighted customers!

Plymouth Foam is grateful for our partnership with GSC in our design and development of this new technology for our industry.