One way or another, every industry has been affected by COVID-19. While some industries have been hit hard, others are receiving a new appreciation for the work they do. The ability to maintain and adapt has shown a positive spotlight for our industry.

We are fortunate, our operations have continued. Our team has actively played their part in the fight against COVID-19, alongside the frontline workers.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Plymouth Foam has jumped into support mode by utilizing resources to make masks and produce divider workspace protection. While providing critical customer products/services and upholding operations, we have efficiently and effectively implemented precautions to hinder the spread.    

The plastics industry echoes our efforts. In fact, the ‘once under fire’ industry has reached spotlight levels in a positive light. Protection equipment, particularly those made of plastic, now offer a barrier from frontline workers to COVID patients throughout the world.

Industry wide efforts have brought about new awareness noting our “willingness to work hard and use all of [our] tools to save lives and help society in times of crisis. Our work isn’t finished, but we are heading in the right direction.” – Plastics News

Plymouth Foam recognizes this is a team effort, and we appreciate everyone’s willingness to step up to do what they can. We are committed to the communities in which we serve in order to help slow the spread. Thank you to all those who are committed to doing the same!