Pharmaceutical Coolers Transport Local COVID-19 Tests

Plymouth Foam has actively been pursuing opportunities to make a positive impact in our community amidst the pandemic. Recently, we donated a number of our Airpop® EPS (expanded polystyrene) coolers to Lakeshore Community Health Care, which have been utilized to transport local COVID-19 tests. 

As a temperature sensitive product, COVID-19 tests transport well in our coolers. They offer thorough protection and are insulated to maintain temperature control. 

Our Airpop® EPS (expanded polystyrene) coolers come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-designed for your specific needs. We have most often seen them used in the medicine, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. 

“We’re so grateful for businesses, like Plymouth Foam, who come through for so many nonprofits when they’re in need.” Kristin Steans, CEO of Lakeshore Community Health Care…

 “The generosity of businesses in our community never ceases to amaze me,” shared Steans. “Plymouth Foam donated coolers we needed to transport our COVID-19 tests and when we learned we would need to order more, they sold them to us at a discount so we could expand testing.”

Once the coolers of COVID-19 tests are shipped to the lab, they are not returned directly to the health care facility. Therefore, the health care facility is seeing an ongoing need for a supply of coolers. 

We are honored and #PlymouthFoamGrateful for the ability to contribute and assist our community in a time of need. In return, we thank you for your continued support in our efforts. 

To learn more about available COVID-19 testing, please visit Lakeshore Community Health Care. In need of protective packaging? Contact our team directly: