Packaging Fun!

When you were little, it was the BEST part of the package.
Remember when your mom went shopping online and ordered a few “handle with care” items and when they were delivered to your house, you wanted to break into that package first for one reason…. the packing peanuts! And once that box was open, the peanuts became the weapon of choice in the ensuing snowball fight-esque battle between you and your siblings. But after all of the fun and games, what happened to the packing peanuts? Did they end up in your recycling container at home – or just the normal trash?
In an effort to recycle those little peanuts and keep our planet green, the EPS Industry Alliance has established a Loose Fill Reuse Program. The program refers consumers to local businesses that accept those packaging peanuts for reuse. The program now has over 1,000 drop-off locations and it provides a win-win for those consumers looking to dispose of the packing peanuts as well as the businesses who use them for their own packaging needs. The best part of all: it’s environmentally-friendly!
…And what better way to join the movement then for Plymouth Foam to be a drop-off location! That’s right – our location on Sunset Drive in Plymouth, Wisconsin is an option for anyone to drop-off their EPS loose fill (packaging peanuts) in order for them to be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. Currently 30% of EPS loose fill is reused; we hope to only increase that number. So go ahead – order away and better yet, go on and have your snowball fight in the kitchen with those crazy fun packing peanuts. But after sweeping them up, please dispose of them at a nearby drop-off location ( and let’s keep our planet green – one peanut at a time.
For more information on Plymouth Foam’s EPS loose fill drop-off location please visit