On Location – EPS EXPO

We’re on location this week in Indianapolis attending the annual EPS Expo. This two day conference features some of the industry’s experts and speakers who are set to focus on topics that are geared towards EPS business interests. Here are the upcoming events –

Today’s programs include ‘What Prop. 65 Might Do To Your Business’ (California’s Health and Safety Code, Proposition 65), ‘EPS Recycling – New Adventures’ (get a clear and concise update on the newest foam recycling initiatives) and ‘Storage Evolution’ (new changes to NFPA 13, insulation of sprinkler systems, allow for more flexibility and efficient storage of EPS foam on high-ceiling racks).

The conference also allows for time to visit with exhibitors featuring equipment suppliers and other service providers; including shape and block molders, resin and equipment suppliers. We can’t wait to tell you next week about our findings for upcoming industry trends and news!

This EXPO is proudly hosted by the EPS Industry Alliance. For more information regarding event sponsors, speakers and information please visit: http://www.epsindustry.org/eps-expo