EPS Life Cycle – Energy Use

The EPS Industry Alliance closely monitors the entire environmental life impact of expanded polystyrene (EPS). On a yearly basis, a life cycle assessment is conducted. Non-renewable energy use is one major focus of the annual assessment. 

This year’s results, in relation to non-renewable energy use, found that one ton of EPS packaging uses approximately 108,000 megajoules of energy. In comparison, 300 hours of light at 100 watts is approximately 360,000 megajoules of energy. To help visualize, one ton of EPS packaging is equivalent to approximately one tractor trailer load.

Alongside the EPS Industry Alliance, Plymouth Foam (PF) is “committed to environment stewardship encompassing recycled content, life cycle analysis and continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiencies.”

Energy Use

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PF is committed to making the best environmentally responsible decisions, especially when it comes to the types of products we buy and the types of packaging we use. Contact Plymouth Foam directly at sales@plymouthfoam.com for a collaborative solution to meet your packaging and temperature sensitive storage needs.