New York City’s Foam Ban Overturned

Beginning in July 2015, single-serve foodservice EPS items were banned from distribution, sale or use in New York City. This ban was placed into effect due accordance with Local Law 142; determining if there was an economically feasible way to recycle foam or if not, allowing a city wide ban. Earlier this week, the foam ban was overturned by Judge Margaret Chan who ruled EPS to be recyclable.


“This decision is a victory for the environment and for New York City, which can now become a national leader in recycling by removing every piece of polystyrene from its waste stream—and making money in the process,” stated former City Councilman and head of the Restaurant Action Alliance Robert Jackson. “The judge has ended the debate about polystyrene recycling by making clear it can be recycled and there is a market for it. Now it’s time for the city to capitalize on this development. ”


Get the facts about EPS foam:

  • EPS foam can be recycled, reused and ultimately sold as a postconsumer product.
  • EPS foam is known to be far more economically feasible; two to three times less expensive than alternatives.
  • North America is leading the growth, showing an 8% increase in demand in 2014.
  • EPS foam market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 8.2% through 2018.
  • Polystyrene products make up less than 2% by both weight and volume of our landfill waste.



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