New Year, New You

A brand new year is upon us! Plenty of people toasted their champagne, counted down to midnight, and watched that sparkling ball drop. But after the party was over, did you take the time to create a few New Year’s resolutions for 2014? Whether it was to eat healthier, lose weight, or simply to spend more time with your family, we all evaluate our current situations and then form our resolutions based on what we want or need for the upcoming year. At Plymouth Foam, our design team moves through the same process. Together with our customers, we assess the product and its qualities and then collaborate to find a packaging solution to fit their needs.


Let’s talk more about that collaboration first. Not only do we work closely with the customer to evaluate the product, but we also involve social media and cloud-based technologies to gather ideas to find the best solution. Once we decide what the product really needs, we can create that “resolution” for the best fit. However, there are a few reasons for why the design we create may vary, and the first is based on protection. Think about shipping your homemade wine in glass bottles across the country WITHOUT a foam protection – that’s a lot of shattered glass! The design may also change for promotional reasons. When a customer is using the product for this purpose, appearance matters and a solution can be found for the product to perform yet still catch the eye. Or the design may change if insulation is a factor. Consider that Alaskan salmon you’re enjoying Friday night and how FRESH it tastes. The insulated packaging was key in getting the fish from the ocean to your plate.


New year or not, we’re all about resolutions and the process it takes to achieve them. It’s important that we work with you to evaluate your product, collaborate with others in the industry, and then decide what that product needs in order to arrive fresh, appealing, or all in one piece! And this whole process, along with our latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities, all add up to what we like to call convergence (aka solving your problems.) So if one of your resolutions was to begin working with us, the (sparkling) ball is now in your court. As for remaining items on your list…we wish you the best!


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