Networking Opportunity Sparks Conversation Regarding Virtually Indestructible Dog Toys

Sheboygan County is a great place for partnerships. We recently experienced a networking opportunity in which, simply, made us appreciative for this community. 

On Wednesday, November 13th at the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation Annual Meeting, we were introduced to reporter AnnMarie Hilton from the Sheboygan Press. AnnMarie visited our Plymouth Foam booth during the Innovation portion of the annual meeting. During this portion of the event, attendees were able to experience innovative and unique products made in Sheboygan County. 

Cue Doreen Lettau, Vice President – Market & Business Development AIREHIDE® ‘s conversation that sparked an article titled, “How a Sheboygan County foam manufacturer started using an unusual substance to make virtually indestructible dog toys”. 

In the article, AnnMarie Hilton wrote the following, 

“Everyone knows that classic scene of a dog chewing up it’s owner’s tennis shoes. Well, a local manufacturer is using the same material found in Adidas shoes to make a new dog toy. 

The same technology that cushions feet while jumping or running allows this ball to be thrown or bounced or float in winter. It can even go in a dishwasher or a washing machine. 

 A few years ago, Plymouth Foam – a longtime foam manufacturer that employs 150 in Sheboygan County – started a new line of proprietary products called Airehide using a durable type of foam material never before made on this continent….

…The material used in the new line – called Infinergy – was initially produced only in Germany and Asia by BASF. It’s the same material Adidas uses in the soles of their shoes. With new equipment added to their factory this year, Plymouth Foam is the first to manufacture it in North America. 

The Airehide Pet product officially launched in August 2019 at a trade show in Las Vegas called SuperZoo. By the end of that day, they had a list of 95 companies who wanted to represent, distribute or carry the Airehide Pet toy. 

“Were optimistic it will continue to grow,” David Bolland said. 

A lot of that optimism comes from the culture and mindset that Plymouth Foam has adopted as a company. A culture born out of its mission statement” We do what we can’t. 


We would like to thank AnnMarie Hilton from the Sheboygan Press, Gannett, and Sheldon Dutes from WISN 12 (pictured above) for their willingness to feature our products in their latest news stories.