Meet Rational Packaging

In October of 2021, Plymouth Foam joined the Altor Solutions family of companies. We’re so pleased to be a part of a family of brands with so much creativity and innovation. Each and every Altor Solutions brand company is offering best in class products with their customers in mind. We’re using the month of December to introduce you to Rational Packaging, Foam Fabricators, and Polyfoam starting with Rational Packaging.

Rational Packaging was founded in Springfield, Tennessee by entrepreneurial packaging-industry veterans who saw a need for customized, end-user focused products. In their own words, “we manufacture best-in-class Structural Packaging by blending creative design and an engineered-systems approach.” They focus on paper-based packaging.

Rational Packaging designs paper packaging using their proprietary wave strength technology. The company noticed that most damage to packages, and consequently products, was coming laterally (aka from the sides) due to how they were moved. Forklifts, clamp trucks, and other typical transport shipping methods put the most stress on the corners and edges of products, yet companies were typically focused on protecting the top and bottom of a product – and consequently losing money to lateral damage. Wave strength technology works like this: lateral wave energy passes through the structural packaging corner, compresses and expands, providing protection for the cargo and returns back through the wave corner.

Rational Packaging creatively shapes their products to reduce labor and continuously optimize the value stream. They prioritize reducing SKU count by strategically positioning each component in the packaging system to protect in multiple ways and from multiple attacks. Their solutions are engineered using recycled and environmentally responsible inputs and are fully post-consumer recyclable.

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