Foam To Farm – Locally Grown Programs

Supply chains. Every company has one; the local convenience store, the international manufacturer.or a logistics company. The objective of building and managing a successful supply chain is the following: build a chain of suppliers that focus on maximizing value to the ultimate customer.

Why do we care today so much about supply chain, value and foam? With advancements in technology, EPS foam has been linked to locally grown, foam to farm programs. A value to the ultimate customer; we can’t wait to tell you more…

One particular company, BrightFarms, has experienced undeniable growth since their debut in 2006.

According to BrightFarms website, “BrightFarms’ mission is to improve the environmental impact of the food supply chain and increase the relative consumption of whole and fresh foods.  By building greenhouses at or near supermarkets, we’re growing year-round local produce that prioritizes our farmers, our food quality, our health, and our environment. Since 2011, BrightFarms has partnered with multiple major supermarkets chains and has a number of commercial-scale greenhouses in development. The company has raised over $20 million of capital.”

They continue with their vision on how their farms perceive environmental impact, “Our state-of-the-art greenhouse farms allow us to grow millions of thousands of pounds of the freshest, most flavorful local produce year-round. Each farm is designed to conserve land, water, eliminate agricultural runoff and reduce greenhouse gas emission from transportation. Plus, each farm creates green-collar jobs for local farmers and keep more dollars in the community.

Our greenhouses are a thoughtful marriage of multiple technologies for energy, water, and food production – the necessities of life. Our drive to build sustainable facilities that respect the natural environment, while simultaneously growing fresher, healthier produce, truly shapes our design. Each greenhouse facility will be a different combination of technologies that are the most appropriate and sustainable that we can envision.”

Today, BrightFarms has expanded to three locations around the United States: Bucks County, PA, Culpepper County, VA and Rochelle, IL.

Their latest expansion in Rochelle, IL. has announced an agreement between Brightfarms and Roundy’s to  provide produce to Mariano’s exclusively from a greenhouse that BrightFarms will build own and operate. To learn more click on the link for the full article: