Plymouth Foam Supports Local Businesses

Here at Plymouth Foam (PF), we are celebrating in socially distanced ways.  So, we had to get creative for our 42nd anniversary in August! This year has offered a unique way to showcase our local businesses in our annual celebration in lieu of a company picnic!

For this week’s blog, we wish to showcase the special merchants, companies and organizations we have partnered with in the second half of 2020 to provide a fun and unique experience for each of our team members for the past five months concluding last week. Special thanks to:

Press + Chill 

Gessert Ice Cream 

South Pier Parlor 


United Way of Sheboygan County – Day of Caring

Bee Bella Lip Balm 

Jakes Strong Ginger 

Broadway Popcorn 

Custom Craft Trophy 

Now, perhaps more than ever, the importance of shopping local has been critical to keeping our small and locally owned businesses open and operating. We hope you consider shopping locally within your community in the near future.  Happy holiday season!