Gold Standard for Airpop®: Pharmaceutical and Life Science Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging. Life science packaging.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Airpop®, packaging is the gold standard for pharmaceuticals and life sciences. It protects and secures, is customizable and has temperature control qualities unmatched by other materials.


EPS is so much more than meets the eye.


That leads us to an industry we serve, pharmaceuticals.


The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing explosive growth. In 2017, the healthcare cold chain portion of the industry was expected to expand $10.7 billion. This is nearly a $4 billion increase since 2012. EPS packaging delivers life saving medicine and vaccines around the world; relied on by pharmaceutical leaders like Merck, Wyeth and Abbott.


EPS coolers and shipping boxes keep medicine and pharmaceutical items undoubtedly insulated and are perfect for shipping a wide variety of temperature sensitive products.


Whether it’s a cooler from our variety of sizes, or one that is custom-designed for your specific needs, we can provide the best combination of protection and temperature control for your cold chain requirements.


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