Life Cycle Analysis

Here at Plymouth Foam we believe in environmental stewardship:

The environmental performance of products and processes has become a key issue to businesses and consumers, which is why many industries are investigating ways to minimize their effects on the environment. Several have found it advantageous to explore ways of moving beyond compliance using pollution prevention strategies and environmental management systems to improve their environmental performance. One such tool is life-cycle analysis, which considers the environmental impact of the entire life of a product.

The EPS industry has invested significant time and resources towards life cycle analysis. Credibility demands that when a claim is made about a products exceptional performance, exceptional evidence should be presented. The EPS-IA is dedicated to accurately promoting the facts about EPS and its effect on our world, and has conducted several extensive EPS Life Cycle Assessments and Analysis Reports to provide convincing information on EPS environmental impacts and sustainability benefits. The reports quantifies resource use, taking into account all the benefits, energy costs and emissions to air, water and soil required to produce and manufacture EPS from cradle-to-cradle and from cradle-to-grave. The studies offer full data transparency of EPS properties and environmental implications.

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