Learning Opportunity: How To Be Cool

Picture this: you are attending your first class post high school; it may be at a university, technical school or perhaps a seminar. The instructor walks up, introduces him/herself and states that today you will be learning about Coolology 101. You think to yourself how great it is that you are learning about the study of how to be cool; on first dates, during dance parties…etc.

Although showing off your moves during the Cha-Cha Slide and Funky Chicken are an important aspect to some definition of ‘cool’, we have something else in mind that may to help with the understanding of why being ‘cool’ is important in our industry. Cue: Coolology 101, as instructed by Plymouth Foam, Incorporated.

Our Coolology 101 discusses a patent pending silver liner for insulated shipping containers. The product itself stores and ships flat, is easy to assemble and recycle and offers superior performance (as well as a reduction in inbound freight costs and warehouse handling costs). Why might you need this, you ask? Various industries require uninterrupted, temperature controlled supply chain management; ensuring food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals reach their final destination at the ideal temperature. This is especially important when helping to ensure product freshness and efficiency.

While our reference to being ‘cool’ refers specifically to temperature sensitive products, we still hope your dance moves are admirable. If not, keep on studying!


Plymouth Foam SilverLiner_Boxes