The Best Place to Learn About Foam: Foam Expo

We’re just about a month away from Foam Expo North America, an annual event dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements, innovations, and applications of the versatile material that is foam: it’s truly one of the best places to learn about foam. For Plymouth Foam and our Altor Solutions family, attending Foam Expo is one of the few times a year we get to truly “geek out” with our peers about all things foam. We may all spend our days producing and promoting foam, but the expo gives us a chance to simply take in all the exciting things happening with the product among people just as excited about it as we are! 

Foam Expo North America is one of the best exhibitions in the industry, bridging together manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and enthusiasts from the foam industry. As they put it, you’ll “generate a year’s worth of business connections in just three days”. The event is an exciting melting pot of knowledge, ideas, and cutting-edge technologies related to foam production, processing, and utilization. The event also takes place next door to the Adhesives and Bonding Expo, giving attendees with crossover interests the chance to learn from both. 

While members of our team are onsite, they will engage in face to face meetings, glean knowledge from their peers, and take home upcoming innovations that will drive new business opportunities. In the post-Covid landscape so many meetings have become virtual, that we relish the chance to engage in person and out of the office. Sometimes the best partnerships happen over a cup of coffee in the morning or the social hour in the evening! 

The event will take place from June 20-22 in Novi, Michigan. You can count on us sharing our key insights and take-aways after the event. If you’re planning to attend, check out the exhibitor floor plan.  And, if we can assist you with your new program or ideas, reach out to us at

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