Plymouth Foam and Lakeland University Partner to Recycle EPS

Plymouth Foam team members were on site Wednesday, August 23rd  at Lakeland University (Sheboygan, WI), helping students recycle their EPS on ‘move in’ day! We brought our ‘Recycle Bin’ to campus not only to allow students to recycle their EPS but also as an education component for the different types of materials that are recyclable.  


The infographic “Are you ready to recycle?,” showcase the different types of material, their recycling number and an example of where the material may be used for.  The items we were collecting at Lakeland University included the number ‘6’. (Download a copy of the recycling guide here.)


“We are pleased to provide EPS recycling to the campus and educate all of us on the importance of recycling to our environment” said David Bolland, President/CEO


As part of our ongoing initiative and responsibility, we will continue to provide this opportunity to recycle EPS material, create a healthier community and reduce waste while having a positive impact on the environment and community.


To learn more about Plymouth Foam and our support of EPS recycling visit us at