Keeping You Afloat This Summer

Flotation. We feel this is an extremely suiting topic, given the upcoming holiday weekend.  What are your plans? Boating? Surfing? Floating around the nearest pool? Whatever outdoor activity you so choose to participate in, we dare to ask the question…can we join?

Well, maybe not us PERSONALLY, but you may find it intriguing to know that EPS foam may indeed be joining your summer fun activates.

Here’s how we look at it: Flotation on the water is made possible thanks to EPS foam. EPS billets can support up to 55 pounds per cubic foot, this is significantly more than cork flotation devices which can support only 18-28 pounds per cubic foot (we sure have come a long way since the 1900’s!). They are suitable for all weather conditions, including winter temperatures, and can be used both in fresh and salt water. Take a minute to think about the last time you were near a large body of water; picture the boat docks, surfers, boogie boarders and swim area buoys.

Go ahead and enjoy the water; take a dive, we’ll help keep you afloat.