Why Plymouth Foam?

As we have said before, nobody wants to work for a boring company. In the midst of celebrating manufacturing month here at Plymouth Foam (PF) an Altor Solutions Company, we have already indulged in ice cream and cookies, with snacks and boxed lunches on our radar. A fun working environment is more than a J-O-B. It’s a friendly place to work, stability, and the opportunity to advance. In addition we produce foam parts. Did you know that our foam is 98% air? So, that means light work for our team members!

Our team values stability. If you experienced being laid off due to COVID or other reasons over these past two years, don’t worry, you won’t find that at PF! We’re a growing company with opportunities for growth if you so choose!  

When candidates walk through our facility, they can see first hand how our friendly team members interact with each other and how natural it is for them to wave and say hello. We look forward to showcasing our team environment, it’s the most impactful way to showcase our culture!

We work with team members to be flexible when life happens.  We also have an employee referral program. We appreciate those who are eager to tell their friends and family about PF. 

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in a position in our fun, stable, working environment, please have them view our website for a complete list of open career opportunities.