It’s Fun To Get Involved!

Remember way back (for some of us, way WAY back) to your high school days? Ah yes, the most important annual tradition at that age is…. Homecoming!


Now that we’re grown up, don’t think that we have forgotten the importance of this event. Homecoming remains a big deal and Plymouth, Wisconsin is no exception. That’s why we knew that Plymouth Foam Inc. had to be involved in Plymouth High School’s annual Homecoming Week events. This year Homecoming weekend kicked off on Friday, October 10th with a pep rally; the Homecoming Court was featured. Afterwards the Homecoming parade marched through downtown Plymouth – and here is where we made our mark!

A hardworking associate here at our very own Plymouth Foam Inc. was the committee chairperson for the high school parade; themed “Time All Together” and featured an ancient Greek (do you remember our blog that featured Plymouth’s red carpet prom? The same columns were reused as Greek architecture!).


And of course, the night capped off under the Friday night lights with a football game versus a neighboring town, Campbellsport. The Plymouth football team was victorious that game and won in outstanding fashion by a score of 49-7! The weekend came to a close Saturday night, October 11th, with the Homecoming dance in the high school gym.


Talk about a tradition! Homecoming really does have it all and because of all the students, parents, high school faculty/staff, alumni and community members involved in the week’s activities, it was important for us to be involved too. We proudly support our local school system and extra-curricular activities and encourage all local businesses should do the same. After all, we’re all pieces of the Plymouth puzzle and we’re proud of the community we call home!


Plymouth Homecoming