Innovative Packaging with Creative, ISTA Compliant Foam Material Designs

Your finished product has value only when it arrives in the customers hands safely and in good condition. The hazards of the logistics process expose your product to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and compression. Plymouth Foam works diligently with you and your product’s design, development and production process to choose materials and to create packaging that protects your product’s value.

Plymouth Foam provides protective packaging for your finished product throughout the distribution process. We use the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Guidelines that outline testing based on the product’s weight, whether the product is shipped in single units or bulk, and the mode of transportation such as LTL, parcel, or distribution to retail. The ISTA Guidelines help us optimize the product packaging, minimizing waste and maximizing packaging material recovery.

Get It There Safely

Plymouth Foam uses a combination of materials such as Airpop® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Airehide® Expanded Polypropylene and Polyethylene (EPP and EPE) that can be molded into nearly any shape or size to create protective packaging.  Custom-molded Airpop® (EPS) or Airehide™ (EPP and EPE) keeps products protected from shock, vibration, humidity, and compression from manufacturing through distribution to the end consumer.  Foam materials provide cushioning from shock and vibration, insulation from temperature changes and humidity, and protection from compression during transport. We think of it as “cradling” your finished product so it arrives to the end-user in exactly the way that it left the end of your production line.

Plymouth Foam has the creativity and expertise for your low volume production needs, even a single product. We have custom fabrication options just for you.

Your products have value only when they get there safely. Plymouth Foam creates innovative packaging with creative foam material designs that are efficient and cost effective.