Is Aesthetics or Functionality the Most Important Attribute of Expanded Particle Foam Materials?

“Is Aesthetics or Functionality the Most Important Attribute of Expanded Particle Foam Materials?” This is the latest question in our FAQ series.

Airehide®, a trademark of Plymouth Foam in the United States, is named for toughness.

The air technology (interior) combined with the protective, rugged and durable hide (exterior) provides unique product solutions.

Airehide® (EPP – Expanded Polypropylene) functions to affect sound, vibration, weight, and temperature. Airehide® (EPP) provides sound absorption, sound transmission reduction, and sound tuning for the construction and transportation industry applications. Vibration dampening, shock absorption, and vibration isolation are desired in transportation and appliance applications. Of course, temperature control is important in the food and beverage industry and thermal insulation in construction and transportation. Product weight reduction has a far-reaching impact in the automotive industry.

Given the considerable benefits Airehide® provides in so many applications and industries, can it look good, too?  Certainly!

Airehide® (EPP) applications can be molded to nearly any shape with enhanced function and product attributes. Housings and enclosures are designed to match and compliment the surrounding styles and accents. Bins, trays, and returnable totes can be made in custom shapes. Most notably, leading lines of athletic shoes using Airehide® (E-TPU, Expanded Thermoplastic Urethane) have an appealing design, unique color, and custom shape.

Plymouth Foam will collaborate with you to develop innovative, creative solutions delivering both function and aesthetics.


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