Why Insulate Your Garage this Fall?

We all know Midwest winters can be bitter cold with snow and ice (not to mention, they seem last forever).


With that being said, in preparation for winter, it’s a great time to think about insulating homes and garages. Plymouth Foam makes a garage insulation kit that can be purchased at Menard’s store locations or online.

The insulation kit is made up as EPS (expanded polystyrene); the foam is lightweight, easy to install, durable and resistant from rot, mold and mildew. EPS is the most cost-effective insulation material and does not decrease R-value with age. Even better, this product is made in the USA!

Insulating garages have long-term benefits by using less energy to heat a garage, retains warmth longer and overall can reduce heating costs. Start saving this winter!


To purchase this product, please visit: https://goo.gl/3mGJW6