Insight Publications Features Plymouth Foam

Plymouth Foam (PF)  is honored to be the featured cover story highlighting our President/CEO David Bolland. “This is such a great publication. We are grateful to Jessica Thiel and her Insight Publications team. They did a tremendous job portraying the leadership of David Bolland and the core culture of our team,” said Doreen Lettau, VP Market & Business Development.  Over the past three months, in-depth interviews, photography and videos were constructed, which authentically showcased the people and culture of PF.

Value of Culture

The strong value of culture at PF is the core of our work. Our influential team of leaders set the example. With over 40 years in operation, we are firm believers in relationships. This starts with our customers and also reaches team members, partners and the Sheboygan County community. Fostering a work atmosphere of passion, innovation and community allows PF to be industry leaders. 

The culture work Plymouth Foam has done has paid off through the challenging time of the pandemic, Bolland says. Having that strong foundation helps employees cope with stress and anxiety.

“When we were going through our culture journey, we didn’t know we were building it to get through a pandemic, just like we didn’t know we were going to go through a plane crash and a tragedy or we were going to go through the ’08 recession, which was another tumultuous time for us as we were pivoting the business,” Bolland says.

Do not just take our word for it; if you have not already, take the time to check out the article and video! We are #PlymouthFoamGrateful!