Innovative Protection In Our Region

Challenging circumstances call for creative measures. Wisconsin’s Northeast region has quickly stepped up to the plate with innovative response efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In early April, here at Plymouth Foam, we introduced Divider Workspace Protection. This protection piece is freestanding, lightweight, durable and customizable. Made of laminated material, it is easy to put together and cost effective. In smaller workspaces, it acts as a divider to keep you and your coworkers separated but working together efficiently. 

One Plymouth entrepreneur, Bob Travis, took an out of the box approach to PPE (personal protective equipment). He came up with CapN Shield, a face shield serving as an alternative option to the standard face mask. It is a one piece construction and easy to attach. Simply slide it onto the brim of a baseball cap, and you are good to go! There are no pesky elastics, ties or bands. 

The Vollrath Company in Sheboygan recently launched Hands-Free Door Pulls for Safe Entries and Exits. From a sanitary perspective, doors can easily be a collection spot for germs. Vollrath’s latest launch is an innovative solution to help minimize the passing of germs. With the quick and easy installation of these stainless steel plates, you can use your foot or arm to pull open a door. 

We are #PlymouthFoamGrateful to be a part of a region welcoming innovative efforts while simultaneously committing to the safety and health of our community. In the midst of a pandemic, our collective efforts are a testament to the strength and resilience of our region.