Innovative Durafill™ Geofoam Stadium Seating Applications

As the Super Bowl game draws near, our minds are occupied with all things football. The food. The experience. The commercials. The teams. The stadium.

 Yes, we said stadium. 🙂

In many cases, we can’t help but tie what we do to real-life scenarios. How many times have you visited a sporting event where it is nearly impossible to see the field or watch the performance? Although we’re hesitant to say, the person in front of you may simply…be in the way at no fault of their own. We have a solution for THAT.

Innovative Durafill™ Geofoam for Stadium Seating Applications.

Stadium Seating involves a tiered seating platform system used in a variety of applications such as movie theaters, auditoriums, school gymnasiums, churches and other tiered structures. It’s ability to be adapted to any tiered seating specification has been growing popularity in not only new construction but renovation projects, too. 

How does it work? The tiers are formed by stacking custom cut or contoured Durafill Geofoam blocks in the desired seating configuration, directly on a flat concrete or prepared subsoil floor. The blocks are then stacked layer by layer until the entire tiered layout is formed. Leaving our customers with the desired tiered effect in their structure of choice. 

Durafill is ultra-lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam blocks with unmatched weight-to-strength load-bearing and compressive resistance characteristics. If interested in learning more about Durafill™ Geofoam for Stadium Seating and other commercial building applications please contact our team at We would be happy to assist in finding the correct product to meet your building and construction needs!