How Incorrect Packaging Impacts the Environment



Do you have the correct packaging?

This infographic may be able to help answer that simple, yet thought provoking, question.

The above information declares statistical data gathered from the EPS Industry Alliance. Choosing the wrong packaging truly can impact the environment and broken down into four categories: energy consumption, water emissions, air emissions and solid waste.

As you follow the ‘blue’ on the infographic the consideration factors for choosing the correct packaging become clear in three categories: packaging performance, environmental impact and recycling. The end result is successful delivery in only two steps starting with production and correct packaging!

When following the ‘orange’ (incorrect packaging), the process has many obstacles proceeding to the end result as a successful delivery. Starting with delivery of a damaged product, damaged product deposited in landfill and production replacement at factory (three unnecessary steps).

Now you know, there’s a simple (and easy) process when correct packaging is selected (and benefits the environment numerous ways!). As a bonus, Plymouth Foam serves various markets. To view the complete list, please click here.