Improve a Life – Today!

You’ve heard us boast before about our local county’s United Way. They support local health and human services agencies and address the greatest needs within the community. Although their affiliated agencies is found to be a ‘mile’ long, the mission of the organization seems to always tie into one common factor: improving a life.  In fact, while rereading the mission statement, we seem to be reminded of the benefits for giving back to the community; providing a stronger and healthier Sheboygan County, by uniting resources and human needs to empower individuals to improve their lives.

Get this, giving up one small luxury bi-weekly, like a cup of coffee or a pint of liquor ($3.50/pay period) can provide 2 nights of emergency housing, one hour of counseling or help feed a struggling family for 3-4 months! WOW.  The United Way of Sheboygan County even recently put an article on their Facebook page titled, Why Fund-Raising Is Fun (the title itself is refreshing to most). The subject matter of the article includes that when people give their time or money to a cause they believe in, they become problem solvers and are adept of handling situations in order to bring a desired outcome.

This message is one we hold near to our company’s heart as our President was co-chair of the Campaign Cabinet in 2013. His primary goal as co-chair is to collaborate a volunteer team to organize and plan a successful fund raising campaign.  We understand that time and money are valuable however our final thoughts for this week relate to the mission statement of the United Way; and we ask this question of you, how did you improve a life today?