Hello, 2022! We Have Been Waiting for you!

Happy 2022! Our team at Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, wishes you the happiest of New Years! We hope you were able to gather with your loved ones for the holidays and ring out the old year with cheer.

2021 was quite a year! We do not know about you, but sometimes we cannot believe how much can happen in just twelve months. So here are some of the highlights of the last year for us:

  • Vaccine Shipment. Given how anxiously awaited the COVID-19 vaccines were, we were thrilled to be a part of the EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA)  shipping them safely throughout the country.

  • Recycling. We continued to educate the public about responsible foam creation and disposal. We were excited to see a new recycling facility open in Outagamie County.

  • Team Building. Like many area companies, we have many positions that need filling! We pride ourselves on the excellent company culture and advancement opportunities at Plymouth Foam.  Stick With PF got a lot of attention.  Maybe you saw the billboards?  If you or anyone you know is looking for a workplace that cares, check out our website.

  • Altor Solutions. In October, we officially became a part of the Altor Solutions family. We are looking forward to everything we will be able to accomplish as an Altor Solutions group of companies! 

How can Plymouth Foam help you meet and exceed your business goals this year? Contact us at sales@plymouthfoam.com for all your 2022 foam needs. 

Cheers to 2022!