Happy 44th Anniversary Plymouth Foam

Plymouth Foam, An Altor Solutions Company, is proud to celebrate our 44th year of business.

Plymouth Foam was formed on August 8, 1978, by Tecwyn Vance Roberts (Tec). Since then, we have continued to grow as a team. Tec was a visionary and risk taker but, most notably, a great person. 

Tec started the family culture and passed it along to his sons Scott and Vance, who tragically passed away in a corporate plane crash. Dave Bolland took the lead at that point and led us until October last year when we joined the Altor Solutions family of companies.  

We are continuing their legacy to grow the business and create a culture of People First. 

This week’s celebration is not just about us; it’s a time to reflect on those that came before us and honor them, as, without them, we would not be the company we are today. We are grateful to our extraordinary team, who makes all things possible.

The celebration in Ohio was on 8/4/2022 and included food from Kathy’s Cookie Candy & Catering!

The Wisconsin team celebrated on 8/11/2022 with food trucks! This year included;  Hot Dishes, The Thai Express, What’s the Scoop, and delivery of Cousins subs!

The Plymouth Foam Annual Bag Toss is always fun! Check out some photos of the teams in action —

If you want to join our team for the next fun festivities, please look into our openings at https://www.plymouthfoam.com/who-are-we/employment/