Halloween Festivities at Plymouth Foam

The Plymouth Foam team really got into the spooky season this past Monday (who says Mondays can’t be fun?). Halloween being a typical workday meant we got to have some fun together! Team members were presented the opportunity to participate in our pumpkin contest. Pumpkins could be carved or decorated at the discretion of the creator. And boy did our team get creative! Take a look at the entries below. 

Our People and Culture Team was so excited for the opportunity to promote one of our core values – creativity – in a fun way. While we encourage our team members to use creativity in finding solutions to problems every day, this was a chance to use our creativity in an artistic way. So great to see our core values in motion! 

A big congratulations to Jeanene Tenpas at our Plymouth location whose piranha pumpkin won this year’s contest. Thanks for the great laugh, Jeanene! And thank you to all the team members who participated for sharing your creativity and artistic skills with us! 

Working with collaborative, creative team mates is one of the best facets of any job – and it’s something we pride ourselves on here at Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company. If joining our team sounds like a great fit for you, we encourage you to check out our open positions: https://www.plymouthfoam.com/who-are-we/employment/