Glu and You!

FACT: Each year Americans throw away 25 billion foam cups…(Source: US EPA). While this “styrofoam” as many call it (expanded polystyrene) has become unwelcome to landfills, a company based out of Martinez, California has found a solution – turning the recycled EPS into an eco-friendly glue. We were so excited about the product when it came across our desks, we couldn’t wait to tell you more (thanks for the samples, Nine Lives Products).


Nine Lives Products launched a product called Glu6, in 2012. Made from recycled foamed plastic materials– it’s an all-natural, citrus based terpene (smells like oranges and grapefruits!). While eliminating landfill waste, it is the only sustainable glue found in stores today. Glu6 is produced in a wide variety of products from school glue, paste, non-porous glue and recycled filler. Proud to be made in the USA (their foamed plastic comes from the San Francisco Bay Area), Nine Lives Products is on a mission to save the planet; taking pride that nothing goes to waste (it’s even their trademark).


Week after week, our goal is to educate YOU, our consumers, about the benefits of recycling, sustainability and foam products (this is just an example of one of the many ways EPS can be recycled). Now, here’s an option for you to help save the planet one crafting, household or school project at a time. (Find more information about Glu6 and Nine Lives Products, on their webpage: