Global Recycling Access & EPS

Did you know…31 countries’ EPS foam packaging associations have signed the International EPS Recycling Agreement. This agreement commits signatories to domestic environmental standards, continued promotion of recycled polystyrene applications, international standards of EPS protective foam packaging and the establishment of a network to exchange information about EPS environment and solid waste management programs (whew!).


These 31 countries, ranging from Australia to Ireland, the United States, China and Brazil, assist in making a commitment to recycling both culturally and economically. It’s title: Global Recycling Access. Promoted by and founded by the International Expanded Polystyrene Alliance, this program is dedicated to enhacing global EPS recycling and environmental stewardship through increased co-operation and outreach.

This program is only as effective as those who not only participate (consumers, manufacturers, government officials) but in the ones who take an active interest in the education of global EPS recycling. Take collection sites, for example, where is the closest to where you live? If you weren’t sure, that is OKAY! We look to educate you today for reference in the future. Please assist us with sharing the message on where to find recycling drop off and packaging recycle locations in the United States found here. Not in the US? Search for a country or region by visiting the Global Recycling Access website.  We appreciate your help in creating a better environment through supporting Global Recycling Access!