Geofoam – Where To Next?

Geo – of or relating to the earth. We’ve all attended the classes where we’ve been taught geography, geometry, geology (some maybe more than others?). Well, even though school is out for the summer, we hope you are interested in learning more about the geo in our world: geofoam.

EPS geofoam is a lightweight fill material manufactured across the U.S. and world; typically in large blocks used for construction on soft ground, slope stabilization or as a retaining wall (support backfill).  This multifunctional product can be found as the base for airport runways, house foundations, landscaping or road construction.

Perhaps one of our favorite uses of geofoam is at the Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, Illinois. This Windy City project reinvigorated 20 acres of land along the northern edge of Grant Park in downtown Chicago. After breaking ground for construction in in late 2012, Maggie Daley finally opened to the public in January of this year (For background of geofoam used in the park, please visit: ).  The before, during and present photos remind us of how a public park be redesigned to serve as an international destination as well as meet the needs of a growing residential community.

Geofoam provides many advantages in the construction industry; reduced labor, lower traffic impact, faster construction schedule and minimal future maintenance, are just a few to highlight. Industry professionals (engineers, architects, builders) understand that this unique product offers superior strength and flexibility yet still remains highly cost effective. The multi-functionality leave us proposing the question, where can we use geofoam next?



See the Maggie Daley Park transformation: