Geofoam Foundation for New Sheboygan Area Tourism Zone

EPS geofoam is a lightweight fill material manufactured across the U.S. and world; typically in large blocks used for construction on soft ground, slope stabilization or as a retaining wall (support backfill).  This multifunctional product can be found as the base for airport runways, house foundations, landscaping or road construction.

We are always ecstatic when these types of projects take place right in our backyard.  The following article was published by The City of Sheboygan

Visit Sheboygan, Inc., the tourism entity for the Sheboygan Area Tourism Zone, and Windway Capital Corp. are set to begin a development project for a new visitor center and office complex on S. 8th Street. Plans include exhibits and retail space in the visitor center, as well as a future fresh water exhibit on the Sheboygan River. The complex also includes new office space for Visit Sheboygan, Inc., and Windway Capital Corp. Ground-breaking for the development is expected by the end of the year, with completion projected for fall of 2019.

The visitor center will also house learning space for other interactive programs in partnership with the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS) including sailing education and practical skills such as navigation and knot-tying. Amy Wilson, president and CEO of Visit Sheboygan, Inc., explained, “We’re looking forward to the visitor center becoming its own destination for interactive learning opportunities that expand knowledge about our environment and our surroundings. It certainly makes visiting the area a more interesting place to experience while promoting waterfront activity and engagement.”

As showcased above, the new tourism complex will offer a destination to Sheboygan County tourists. An added bonus for us to feature is the fact that geofoam provides many advantages in the construction industry; reduced labor, lower traffic impact, faster construction schedule and minimal future maintenance. Industry professionals (engineers, architects, builders) understand that this unique product offers superior strength and flexibility yet still remains highly cost effective.

“Plymouth Foam is proud to partner with local business and non profit organizations to support their growth as together we continue to build someplace better!  Geofoam is the perfect fit for this application and we are excited to see the finished building and all that it has to offer the City of Sheboygan.” added Mark Schuh, Vice President/General Manager, Plymouth Foam, LLC.