For the Love of Our Community

It’s February and love is in the air! By now we’re guessing those long-stemmed roses have wilted and you’ve consumed enough chocolate truffles to make your stomach ache. But there’s one thing that we hope lasted through your romantic weekend…some love! And we hope to say we know a thing or two about appreciation for others.

We pride ourselves on levering the diversified talent of our team to get involved for the good of the organization chosen to support. Whether it is delivering a route for Meals on Wheels to elderly and disabled citizens of our county, Adopting a Family through the local Salvation Army or collecting food and clothing for Safe Harbor, (an establishment in Sheboygan that empowers individuals and families to end all forms of domestic violence and sexual assault), we are driven to show commitment to our community.

We also look to get involved with local schools to conduct projects relating to our products. For example, students at Oostburg Middle School were challenged to build windsurfing boards made out of foam.  We look forward to bringing in students for educational seminars and teach them more about our products and how common they actually are in our daily lives (cool, huh?). Finally, we send a small token of our appreciation to our cherished customers during the holiday season on behalf of a non-profit we supported that year (Check out listing below!).

Since love is something we receive from our customers and the community, we know it’s important to give that love right back. That’s why we find a number of ways to support different individuals and families right here in our backyard. So even if those flowers and chocolates have disappeared until next Valentine’s Day, our love to the community keeps on giving all year round.


2007 – Breast Cancer

2008 – Heart Association

2009 – Alzheimer’s Association

2010 – Arthritis Association

2011 – Homes for Our Troops

2012 – Children’s Hospital

2013 – United Way


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