FAQ Series: Are Airpop® and Airehide® Food Safe Materials?

FAQ Series : Are Airpop® and  Airehide® food safe materials?

Efficient transportation has allowed for food to be shipped and stored worldwide. How do temperature sensitive food and beverages keep well insulated yet remain safe from hazard free material?

Cue:  Airpop® (EPS) &  Airehide®

Airpop® & Food Safety

The Food and Beverage and Food Service industries are a focus for Plymouth Foam. Our coolers and shipping boxes are food safe and keep foods and beverages well insulated for long periods of time. Airpop® (EPS) has the ability to maintain sensitive products’ temperature.

Whether it’s a cooler from our variety of sizes, or one that is custom-designed for your specific needs, Plymouth Foam can provide the best combination of protection and temperature control for your cold chain requirements.

In the U.S., the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly regulates all food packaging materials,  including polystyrene. For every material used in food contact, there must be sufficient scientific information to demonstrate that its use is safe.

The FDA has determined that Airpop® (EPS) is safe for use in food contact.

Airehide® & Food Safety

 Airehide® applications are also food safe. The primary material in  Airehide® is Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). EPP is a highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties including: outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, and 100% recyclability.

Returnable packaging like collapsible coolers and totes are common food safe  Airehide® materials. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) has a standard R-Value of 4.0/inch of thickness, which meets insulation requirements for food service, heating and cooling and cold chain solutions.

EPP is used to produce microwavable food containers. The fact that it is heat resistant makes it a unique material in comparison to Airpop®(EPS). EPP is also approved to be a food safe material. It has  thermal insulation and structural strength; suitable for food containers and beverage freezers.

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