Foam…Is Where?

What do you think of when you think, foam? Is it the top layer on your coffee?  The protection inside your helmet, your mattress topper or the bubbles in your bathroom? Now that we have you thinking about where you can find foam in your everyday life.


We are sure you wondering how these items relate to our company. The answer, we specialize in packaging and building material foam products….but what does that really mean? Let’s start with packaging, what products do you buy that include foam packaging? Appliances? Furniture? Foam is placed as a protectant to the products you purchase, its energy absorbing qualities ensure you receive your product in one piece. Onto building materials, did you know that your home has the potential to be insulated with our foam or the ramp you travel on roadway’s foundation may be foam based?  We are involved in many types of foam based market segments and pride ourselves on our capabilities to tailor our product to suite YOUR needs.


We’re here to help you with the endless possibilities of foam. Keep checking back week after week for more information on our company.