We’re On Our Way To Foam Expo NA!

Hip hip hooray, we’re on our way to Foam Expo North America in Novi, Michigan! Plymouth Foam (PF) will be in attendance as an exhibitor with one of our engineers, customer experience representative and our VP of market and business development.

Find PF at booth number 1940, where we will be showcasing both Airpop® (EPS) and Airehide® (EPP. EPE, ETPU and many other materials). Those in attendance will be able to learn more about some of our capabilities including shape molding, block molding, fabrication, lamination, rapid prototyping and 3D solid molding.

As an innovative solution provider, we approach a successful solution by first starting with concepting, then focusing on modeling, prototypes and production. Our state of the art 3D printing and CNC machining allows prototypes to be full size and fully functional before beginning production with us. On average, prototype turnaround time at PF is seven days. Be sure to stop at our booth to learn more about the creativity, collaboration and solutions behind our innovative PF team! 

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Let us do for you what others can’t! Contact PF at sales@plymouthfoam.com for a collaborative solution to meet your protective packaging and temperature sensitive insulated shipping needs.