Foam Expo 2022

Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, was on hand at this year’s Foam Expo in Novi, Michigan from June 28 – 30. Like many events, it has not quite bounced back to pre-Covid levels in terms of size and attendance, but it was well represented! The Foam Expo Conference combined floor space with the Adhesives and Bonding Expo to great success! 

This show is always excellent for connecting with suppliers, partners and team members, but combining the two conferences allowed for even more collaboration. As the conference website itself states, the goal is to “bring together high-level representatives from a cross-section of the technical foam and adhesives supply chains to encourage discussion and foster innovation.” This year’s overall program focused on sustainability and supply chain success within the industry. 

A Special issue of Appliance & HVAC magazine was printed for the Adhesive & Bonding Expo and Foam Expo North America. This publication is free to read and can be found here: We highly recommend the article that starts on page 8, “The Dismantling of Westinghouse”. 

For many of us, Westinghouse appliances were a household standard. Who else can remember when every appliance in our childhood home from washer to refrigerator was a Westinghouse! The author of the article, David Durocher, does an excellent job of telling the story from start to finish for this common household appliance manufacturer.  It’s a fascinating case study and read!  And, if you’re interested in a more dramatized version of Westinghouse’s start, you can always check out the 2017 film The Current War, starring Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Much of the Foam Expo show was about the importance of lightweighting, flame retardants, and applications like appliances and HVAC that can continue to improve as a result of EPS Foam. Certainly one of the best parts of the conference is learning what others in the industry are doing to improve, particularly from a sustainability factor. We always take away a great deal of new knowledge and love the ideas it sparks! 

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