Foam Components for Absolutely Anything


When consumers think of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, they frequently think of it in terms of shipping. Most people’s primary experience with polystyrene is as packaging in purchased electronics or small appliances or when they receive frozen foods or pharmaceuticals by delivery. However, many may not realize that foam is frequently used to create the parts for everyday things – even automotive components! Altor Solutions brands of Plymouth Foam, Polyfoam and Foam Fabricators offer many materials to create exceptional solutions for countless componentry applications. 

Foam components work well in many applications due to the unique properties over other molded plastics. They absorb sound, dampen vibrations, are lightweight, and function as excellent insulators. Last week’s blog mentioned home applications of EPS foam, such as sound insulation, but expanded particle foam also works for sound absorption in smaller applications. For example, it can dampen the noise of engines or other moving parts in small appliances and cars. In these same instances, it works to dampen vibration as well. Foam cannot only muffle the sound of vibration but absorb and distribute the frequency. Of course, EPS is also exceptionally lightweight, meaning it adds very minimal overall weight to an item. Since the weight of an object can impact its functionality, every ounce can count in some designs. And lastly, we know it is an excellent insulator for shock, which means it can help cushion and prevent damage to more fragile parts in a design. 

Consider EPS when you think about your next product development project.  Altor Solutions engineering team has extensive knowledge of material choice and part design. Both are especially critical for complex componentry or specific requirements such as insulation, intricate areas with unique shapes, sizes, or distinctive characteristics. We would love to work with you on your design. Please send us an email at