Flexible, Affordable…Plymouth Foam

Last week we discussed EPS foam packaging and how effective it is in protecting the goods that arrive on your doorstep. Transport packaging materials are critical to the shipping process and must pass difficult tests along the way; temperature extremes, humidity and even shocks and vibrations. Yet despite those hazards on a package’s journey, EPS foam has proven to be the best option as a packaging material due to its flexibility (can be presented in different forms) and low cost.

So now that you know the best material for transporting packaging, how do you get your hands on it?

Well, we’re going to make it easy on you…right here at Plymouth Foam!

Plymouth Foam is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of rigid and soft foam products for protective packaging purposes! First of all, we have a diverse customer base and serve a variety of markets including displays, small engines, insulated shipping containers, air crafts and drones, consumer electronics, household appliances, toys and kids furniture even RVs and motor homes. With such a diverse group of customers, we custom manufacture products using various types of rigid and soft foam to find the ideal solution. In addition, our experienced design team frequently constructs prototypes for new customers and applications.

Surely your business understands that protective packaging has a cost; the benefit of working with Plymouth Foam is that we not only offer a low cost, but eliminate the cost of replacing damaged or broken products during transportation. By using proper packaging and a reliable company, the stress of transporting your products disappears. We have multiple production and distribution facilities located throughout the United States and – even better – design capabilities in each of our facilities located in Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Finally, we are adaptive to changing technology and are always up on the latest methods for packaging products. Here at Plymouth Foam we are known for our superior quality, service and innovation and we would love to use our creative foam methods to find a solution for your business!