FAQ Series: What Are Your Production Capabilities? June 27, 2018

FAQ Series: What Are Your Production Capabilities?

Frequently asked questions. As an industry leader, we feel it is important to share our expertise as well as continue to educate and inform others of Plymouth Foam’s production capabilities. For this reason, we have started this question and answer series.

What are your production capabilities?


You want to work with a partner that has the ability to work creatively and digilantly on complex projects or product improvements.  A complete project partner that can handle multiple components of production: creativity, collaboration, fulfilment, logistics, assembly, materials, design and modeling/prototyping.  

Our experienced design staff works with 3-D Solid Modeling and Rapid Prototyping to bring your product concepts to reality.

Plymouth Foam production capabilities include:

Shape Molding:  Airpop© – EPS, ARCEL, Neopor, AIREHIDE© – EPP, EPE, ETPU, ETPO, including insert molding
Block Molding:  Airpop© – EPS, ARCEL, Neopor
Fabrication: Hot-Wire, Die-Cutting, Water-Jet Cutting, Glued Assemblies
Lamination: Heat (with printed, reflective, specialty films, garage door insulation kits), Adhesive & Specialty (SIPS, Panels using FRP, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, OSB, Plastic Corrugated and many more)

We have the capabilities to take your product from the initial planning stages, offering expert insight on which fabrication process may be best suited for your project. We are real people; serving our customers the way we expect to be served. When choosing Plymouth Foam, our first intent is to provide exactly what you need even if that means having to say, “that’s not the best fit for your application, have you considered, ….”

Every customer is very important to us, our efforts are not driven by duty, but by the satisfaction of a job well done. “Good Enough” is not good enough here.


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