FAQ Series: What Is The Best Way To Approach A Laminated Panel Application? July 12, 2018

Frequently asked questions. As an industry leader, we feel it is important to share our expertise as well as continue to educate and inform others of Plymouth Foam’s strong, lightweight laminated structural panels. For this reason, we have started this question and answer series.


What is the best way to approach a laminated panel application?


At Plymouth Foam, we understand how to incorporate the strength characteristics of our foam materials into structural assemblies that take advantage of their light weight and insulation properties. Our materials are commonly used in RV’s, sun room construction, residential and commercial buildings and many other applications including interior walls and partitions.


As Airpop© (EPS) fabricators, molders and custom laminators we work with various types of insulated and structural panels. Our Airpop© (EPS) foam serves as a thermal insulating core and when substrates/skins are adhered to either side it creates a very rigid and often structural panel.


If you are currently using any type of panel system in your design or your product/service that could benefit from modularization offering superior insulating properties and/or superior structural integrity, you will want to contact us.  Plymouth Foam’s experts will review the details and determine if panelization is an option for your designs and the components/construction of your current panel.


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