Expansion Opportunity

Today we are proceeding with an important transformation of our Ohio operation. As you may be aware we transitioned into our current facility prior to the recession, renovating and moving into a much larger area than needed. Our growth has taken us in new directions and highlighted opportunities for increased efficiency. We have excess space available within our building, as well as on our property.

We are extending a unique invitation to fellow EPS industry participants to consider locating in Ohio with us. Our location offers the following benefits:

  Available space within a 220,000 sq. ft. recently renovated building and/or development space on our 25 acre property.
  Active rail spur for both incoming and outgoing shipments.
  Proximity to major markets – equidistant 2 hour drive to Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.
 Access to I-70 (east/west) and I-77 (north/south) highways and ability to pool shipments on key freight lanes.
  Available block molding capacity without upfront investment in capital, permits, and other infrastructure.
  Ability to penetrate building/construction customer segments and other markets not serviced by Plymouth Foam or other existing partners.

The building owners have engaged a commercial realtor to pursue other tenants and/or investors, but as Plymouth Foam we prefer to engage strategic partners that can leverage the current infrastructure.

Interested parties may contact me directly if they are interested in expanding their business into the Ohio region. I can be reached at 920.892.3189.


Thank you for sharing with fellow industry members.


David S. Bolland

President & CEO