100% Recyclable Expanded Polystyrene Fish Boxes

Innovation and collaboration are limitless when it comes to recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS).


Expanded polystyrene fish boxes are commonly used as a container to transport and store fresh fish because of its superior insulation properties. Although a misconception that most containers end up packing landfills throughout Europe (and the world), is has become increasingly more popular to recycle. Cue EPS-SURE to ensure the recycle stage takes place.


Recent article, “World-first project sets out to give polystyrene fish boxes a fresh lease on life” announces a new project called, EPS-SURE, a collaboration between five Spanish organizations to help improve the end result of removing EPS from landfills.


As quoted in the article, “EPS-SURE wants to find a way to ease the load on European landfills by proving it is possible to turn the polystyrene into a product fit for food-contact packaging – namely, yogurt containers.” The EPS-SURE project will be developed in Spain at a plant owned by Total Petrochemicals Iberica, one of the partner companies.


In Europe, scientists manning the project hope to reduce the dumping of  EPS boxes by 80 percent, turning waste material into a valuable resource in an environmentally friendly and economical way!


The EPS-SURE project is a combination of innovation and collaboration; the project will add great value to the final applications to the 100% recyclable EPS fish boxes.


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