Let’s Lead, Not Follow – EPS Recycling

EPS CAN be ____ . Several of our blogs have been dedicated to this topic; educating on how to turn EPS into a valuable resource. Today, we look to reiterate the benefits of EPS recycling in preparation of upcoming blogs regarding our industry’s view of Prop 65.


Thanks to a website called, EPSRecycling.Org, we have found many valuable assets to communicate about EPS recycling. One particular topic relates to the four main waste reduction options for EPS packaging. They are as follows:


  1. Reduce – refers to the reduction of natural resources used. By optimising pack design, moulders can reduce their package footprint with EPS usage, thus reducing environmental burden and cost. EPS packaging can be utilized in many ways after its original intended use. As such, they contribute towards protecting valuable resources.:
  2. Re-Use – EPS packaging can be re-used as multi-trip packaging, e.g. for the internal transport of partially assembled goods. Another simple re-use of the packaging is to grind it and use it as soil conditioner to improve drainage and aeration. EPS seed and pot-holding trays are often re-used in this way at garden centres.
  3. Recycle – is the reprocessing of used EPS packaging to make a new material such as hardwood replacement for garden furniture, slate replacement for roofing tiles and new plastics items such as coat hangers, CD and video cases
  4. Recover – EPS has a very high calorific value, higher than that of coal, and can be safely burnt within energy recovery units, or incinerators, without giving off toxic or environmentally damaging fumes.

As companies and countries around the world unite in this effort of creating a sustainable resource, we can’t help to propose the question: how can the United States follow?