EPS: Where Foundations Are Built

You may have taken notice to our foundation; exceptional associates, collaborative work environment and product education. These are only a few of the aspects in which our company has been built upon for many years. Without the stability, strength and collaboration of this foundation, our company could not stand strong and established.

                Take this same concept and apply it to another foundation: buildings.

EPS has been long used as a conventional insulation material and is highly regarded for its energy efficiency. In fact, it is the only insulation material with a R-value that will not decrease with age; lending to the design and structural integrity of many construction projects. As the insulating base for “synthetic stucco”, EPS provides the design foundation for many Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS). (“Synthetic stucco”, EIFS is not stucco. Traditional stucco is a centuries-old material which consists of aggregate, a binder and water; a hard, dense, thick, non-insulating material. EIFS is a lightweight synthetic wall cladding that includes foam plastic insulation and thin synthetic coatings (dictionary.com).)

                EPS is also available in block form and is routinely used as a lightweight foundation support for roads, bridges, buildings and retaining walls. These ‘blocks’ are approximately 100 times lighter than most soil and ten percent the weight of other fill alternatives solutions; significantly reducing stress on underlying subgrades, reducing settlements and improving stability. EPS blocks can be used to create custom solution components; cut into various shapes, sizes and compressive strength.

                Our various material lines of Building Materials include a wide variety of products for both commercial and residential construction and numerous solution applications; insulation, roads, bridges, buildings and retaining walls (to name a few!). The use of EPS as a base in various foundations can provide stability and strength to any project; just like Plymouth Foam.