EPS Transport Packaging

Sustainability is always a hot topic (as it should be!), especially when it relates to EPS. As an industry leader, Plymouth Foam (PF) is committed to environmental stewardship encompassing recycled content, life cycle analysis and continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiencies.  Take a look at the graphic below, which highlights the environmental performance of EPS transport packaging and the role it plays in a circular economy.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is a continuous cycle. More specifically, it pertains to materials that continue to be used for one purpose or another. Rather than being used once and then immediately being disposed of because it serves no other purpose, this material can continue to be reused.  

Many industries rely on EPS transport packaging for their shipping needs. Custom molded EPS shipping containers provide product safety, security and temperature stability for cold chain products. Did you know, 56% of post-use EPS is used as recycled content in new packaging? The EPS Industry Alliance and many EPS manufacturers continue to be very proactive when it comes to looking for new ways to improve the lifecycle of EPS. 


For EPS transport packaging solutions, please reach out to our PF team directly at sales@plymouthfoam.com or request a quote.